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By Pavan Choudary In his latest ‘Mann Ki Baat’ broadcast, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked citizens to send him ideas on what he should say in his Independence Day speech. The prime minister did this so that he could set the trend for the next year of governance. So, for his consideration, here are my top Read More >

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A TV channel asked me, “What did I make of the Modi-Trump meeting?”   I gave my take based on what they said, their body language and some back ground information I had, as below. When Modi alighted from the car, his and even Trump’s body language (to some extent) was a language of mending Read More >

Published in: Firstpost.com: 31st May 2017

On Saturday, Ravinder, an e-rickshaw driver in Delhi, perhaps inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat initiative, objected to two young men urinating in the open. He requested that they use a public toilet. They responded by returning with a dozen others and bludgeoning him to death. It would be simplistic to attribute their rage to Read More >

Published in: Economic Times - Corporate Dossier 11th April 2014

As far back as I can remember I always wanted to play by the rules and win. But as a young corporate executive I was losing. So almost since I started my corporate career, about twenty five years ago, I wanted to develop a system which could make the good man win. Let me narrate Read More >

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The Prime Minister of UK, this week stated, that UK would no longer offer AID to the Indian poor as it is the Indian rich who should help their poor bretheren (Sic). But the Indian rich don’t usually help their poor bretheren. They don’t even consider the poor their brethren. Instead they have so blinded Read More >

Published in: Times of India in 2010

One of the first residents of Gurgaon, Yudhishthira (of Mahabharata fame) was in a way a stray dog lover. As the Pandavas, post the war, set East towards the direction of the Himalayas, a stray dog follows Yudhisthira. On the way Draupadi and the younger brothers fall one by one but Yudhisthira trudges along with Read More >

Published in: Times of India

This paper carried news of the launch of a campaign to make the city Gurgaon a no-honking zone by an NGO – Earth Saviour’s Foundation and the members of a major horn manufacturing company. They went a step too far and tied a dog onto a post at the busy Shankar Chowk and wrote a Read More >

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Dear Friends, Some of you have asked me about the sone ki chidiya-baaj (Veer) case. Since the matter is sub-judice I would not like to comment on it yet but pose before you a broader question. If someone who is more famous misappropriates something from us. Should we just bear it silently fearing that if Read More >

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The other day I went to see a movie at a mall situated on the outskirts of Gurgaon. My aunt, 55 and my niece 22, came along. While we were waiting for the doors of the theatre to open, a middle aged man came up to me, introduced himself as Mr Gupta and complimented me Read More >

Published in: Times of India

Earlier this year Ms.Kanthi Kanan founder of the Right to Walk Foundation filed a petition to the National Women’s Commission and the Andhra Pradesh State Human Rights Commission stating that Peeing in public is equivalent to stripping in public and it should be made a punishable offence. The Government has not yet acted on it. Read More >

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