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9788190655552Confucius was a sage and social philosopher of China whose teachings have deeply influenced East Asia, including China, Korea, and Japan for two thousand five hundred years. The relationship between Confucianism and Confucius himself, however, is tenuous. Confucius’ ideas were not accepted during his lifetime as the Chinese society was a decadent society that was seeped in Taoism that talked of idleness. Confucius came and he talked of duty, he talked of action and not just idle action, but wise action…that leads to a happy populace and restores social order. Confucius’ Social Wisdom is a phenomenal amalgamation of Confucian understanding and Vivekacharyan interpretation of human nature:

How should a person behave – as the unit of a family, a society member and as a ruler?
How social relationships can be brought in harmony?
Why some societies succeeded while the others failed?
What can India learn from successful and prosperous societies?

The reading is aimed at opening your window to harmonious relationships.

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