Pavan Choudary is the Managing Director of Vygon, a leading French Multinational and sits on some of the most respected advisory boards of India. He is a much sought after Management Expert and is the Chairman of CII - Medical Equipment Division.

Pavan is the bestselling author of books like How a Good Person can Really win ( revised version of best seller When you are Sinking Become a Submarine), Machiavelli for Moral People and The Rx Factor – a business classic. In addition, he has authored The Trilogy of Wisdom - A set of three books on Chanakya’s Political Wisdom, Confucius’ Social Wisdom and Kabir’s Spiritual Wisdom. With Broom & Groom and Uprising 2011-Indians Against Corruption, Pavan has co-authored two path breaking books with Kiran Bedi and most recent Lal Bahadur Shastri - Lessons in Leadership with Congress leader and Ex Finance Minister, Government of India, Anil Shastri, which was recently released by the Dalai Lama in Delhi.

He writes in the genres of Wisdom, Power, Leadership, Realpolitik, Management, Success, Social Reforms, Psychology, Moral Psychology and Ethics & Morals and stands out for his original and practical ideas. The Times of India dubs him, “Amongst the foremost thinkers of the world.”


Success Mantras

How to teach the immoral man a lesson?
Understand the games played by immoral men and learn how goodness coupled with creativity and wisdom can teach them a lesson!

11 Deadly Tactics Immoral Man Uses
Sourced from How A Good Person Can Really Win

12 Ways A Good Person Can Really Win
Sourced from How A Good Person Can Really Win


How A Good Person Can Really Win How A Good Person Can Really Win

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RT@FollowCII: Post-budget views by Mr Pavan Choudary, Chairman CII Medical Technology ...:

“Synchronized mechanical blinds”

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Of crs, others may try 2 tk advantage of u, and if ur remaining detached only encourages unjust aggression, adopt a strong stand- Dalai Lama

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Never Speak well of yourself if you wish your men to speak well of you. ---Pavan Choudary ...

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Swachh Bharat Checklist book is a sequel to the authors’ earlier work Broom & Groom (2010) on Hygiene and Manners and, gives checklists to make the Swachh Bharat vision materialize. It is a step by step guide to cleaning Homes, Vehicles, Colonies, Parks, Schools & Institutes, Offices, Restaurants, Shopping Areas, Bus Stands & Railway Stations and Roads. If followed, someday it can help every corner of our country shine. ...

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Media buzz on Swachh Bharat Checklist ...

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Swachh Bharat Checklist coauthored by Kiran Bedi and Pavan Choudary and How a Good Person can ReallyWin ( and its Hindi Translation Nek Vyakti Kaise Jeetay) Launched at Book Fair ...

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