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rxThe Book has received the Pharmacy Council of India Endorsement by the President. The book’s initial worldwide appreciation:

For the first three years since its publication, The Rx Factor stayed among the top three titles, from among 665 books on Healthcare marketing and advertising worldwide. It has also been judged as one of the most reviewed Pharma-marketing books, has figured among the best books in its genre and even been recommended by Kip Piper- perhaps the best known Healthcare strategists in the world, who has even served as Advisor to the US Presidential committees on healthcare.

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Part A: Understanding the Rx Factor

  1. The Creative Legacy
  2. Market-Based Communication
  3. Purposive Strategic  Creativity
  4. Generating Strategic Creative Output
  5. Creativity from the Marketplace

Part B: Creative Working of the Rx Factor

  1. Selling Propositions that ‘Feel’
  2. Marketing Peace
  3. Strategic Brand Names
  4. The Perception of Price
  5. Credible Claims
  6. Of Flipcharts and Promotools
  7. Scientific Doctor Selection
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