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lal-bahadur-shastri-lessons-in-leadership-co-author-anil-shastri_l (1)This book carries anecdotes encapsulating Lal Bahadur’s childhood, growing up years and political life. Each anecdote is poignantly narrated by his son Anil Shastri. And, brilliantly interpreted by Pavan Choudary. The reader will take home unique and valuable insights. It is Lal Bahadur Shastri like never before.

Anil Shastri is an Indian politician, social activist and educationist. After graduating from St. Stephen’s college he served in Voltas for 17 years. Anil joined politics in 1989 and was elected to the Lok Sabha and appointed as Minister in the Ministry of Finance. He is also Special Invitee to the Congress Working Committee. Born to Lal Bahadur Shastri, Anil has established several educational institutions and is the Chairman of Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management. For more follow him on twitter @anilkshastri.

Pavan Choudary is the author of path breaking books like How a Good Person can Really Win, Broom & Groom (co-author Kiran Bedi), A Trilogy of Wisdom (on Chanakya, Confucius and kabir), Machiavelli for Moral People, Uprising 2011:Indians against Corruption (co-author Kiran Bedi), When you are Sinking become a Submarine and The Rx Factor. Pavan is also the Managing Director of Vygon, a leading French Multinational, chairs the Medical Technology Division of CII, hosts the TV program Hum Aise Kyun Hain on Doordarshan, and has written columns for The Times of India and Financial Chronicle. He sits on some of the most respected advisory boards of India and is a much sought after Management Strategist. To know more follow him on twitter @AuthorPavan


Values to Inspire us at an Individual Level
1 Gardener’s Advice 
2 Toiling at School
3 Mango Vendor
4 Vegetarianism
5 ‘No’ to Borrowing Money
6 Keeping Promises
7 Living within Means
8 Courage v/s Tradition
9 Putting others before Self
10 Organizational Skills
11 Sartorial Simplicity
12 Self-Help Training
13 Pocket Money
14 Time Management
15 Punctuality
16 Patience Pays
17 Non-Attention Seeking Personality
18 Simple Living, High Thinking
19 After Nehru, Who?
20 Family Man
21 Message in a Car
22 Devious Driving Licence
23 Indian Values
24 My Grandmother
25 3rd January 

Values to Enhance our Interpersonal Relationships

26 Strong Work Ethic
27 Crisis Management
28 Purushotham Das Tandon and Pandit Nehru
30 The Great Motivator
31 Chamber of Commerce
32 Tea Party
33 Trusting those Below the Radar
34 Raising Delicate Issues Unabashedly
35 Coalition Politics
36 Two Deputy Leaders
37 Touching Elders’ Feet
38 Mediation in Uttar Pradesh (UP)
39 Keep Enemies Closer
40 Empathy Towards Subordinates
41 Chairing a Meeting of the Congress Parliamentar y Party (CPP)
42 Aap Saath Chalna Pasand Karenge?
43 Pratap Singh Kairon
44 Morarji Opts Out of Shastri’s Cabinet
45 T.T. Krishnamachari
46 Relations with Indira Gandhi
47 The Witty Shastri
48 Affable Personality
49 Saying ‘No’ Elegantly
50 Never Pulling Ranks
51 Interacting with Girls

Values Vital for a Healthy Society

52 Caste Connotations
53 Family v/s Country
54 Dreams of Serving the Nation
55 Regard for Sincere and Committed Employees
56 Against Untouchability
57 Handling Unresponsive Officials
58 Accessible to All People
59 General Elections
60 Praying to God in 30 Seconds
61 Akali Agitation – Fast unto Death
62 Kashmir Issue
63 Prisoner of Indecision
64 War against Pakistan
65 Standing Tall
66 A Credible Leader
67 Jai Jawan Jai Kisan
68 War Heroes 147
69 True Hospitality 149
70 Shastriji’s visit to Amul, Anand 151
71 Super Communist 153
72 A Touching Tribute 155
73 Select Bibliography 157

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